Elevate You!



A retreat

for female

Music Makers

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Elevate your being, elevate your craft.

Create your music on the magical island of Bali.

8 days / 7 nights

2nd to 9th of February 2025

Do you sometimes find yourself:

➡ Feeling lack of support and belonging on your music journey?

➡ Feeling held back by self-doubt or limiting beliefs?

➡ Struggling getting into flow, and procrastinate often?

➡ Feeling stuck with your music, and unsure where it’s going?

➡ Challenged by finding the right balance in your personal life and music creation?

➡ Feeling weighed down by past experiences?

This is more than your average music retreat

Enhance your creative process

➡ Do deep work on your belief systems

➡ Clarity on your next chapter for your music

➡ Community and support that will lift you up

➡ Create habits that supports your life, and your music

➡ Let go of what no longer serves you

Elevate You takes the best from both worlds, of wellness practices and music,

and merges them together.

Not only will you learn life changing modalities that will support your music,

this retreat will also enhance your overall wellbeing, and your life.

A holiday with an intention.

Are you ready?

See the information

Meet your host, Luni

Luni is not just an artist; she's a visionary mentor, a skilled production coach, and a transformative personal development guide. With an unwavering passion for both music and holistic growth, Luni has carved a unique path as a beacon of guidance for artists ready to embark on a journey of creative expansion.

“You are in for more than just your average music retreat. It sounds so cheesy, but you are in for a life changing experience, and real, real connection.”

Bex - From Canada, 34

“The most magical transformation full of sisterhood... you come out a new woman... I feel like it has given me my authentic voice back. I feel can truly communicate who I am to the world.”

Diamantina - From the UK, 29

Studio Time

Spend time in a fully equipped, built for inspiration, and creation.

Lush Accommodation

Stay at a luxury accommodation, surrounded by nature.

Italian Food

Delicious Food

Eat delicious food, that nourishes both body and soul.

Holistic Wellness

Learn different wellness practices, that enhances your connection.

Beautiful Nature

Visit stunning nature, and soak in the Bali energy.

Soul Lifting Community

Spend time with likeminded people, who will lift you up.

All inclusive activities

➡ Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner

➡ Meditation practices

Yoga classes

Music expression workshop

Deep Release Breathwork

Waterfall & Bali travel day

➡ Powerful masterclasses

➡ Access to music studio

➡ Strategy and feedback sessions

➡ Elevate You Ceremony

➡ Access to sauna

➡ Access to ice bath

access to pool

And much more

The Elevate You Retreat is lead by Luni and supported by professional trainers and teachers with different healing modalities, who will guide you through each experience.

“It is a beautiful, heart opening, safe space where amazing creatives came together to blossom and become.”

Nikki - From the UK, 42

“I would explain this retreat as entirely unexplainable, because there is no way you can put every single thing that we experienced in words... pure magic.”

Fatima - From USA, 26

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Your Accommodation

The retreats location in Bali is a haven for creative souls. Tailored for artists and music enthusiasts, Labyrinth is a dreamy luxury accommodation that blends seamlessly with nature. Each space envelops you in natural beauty, inviting relaxation and inspiration. With soothing earthy tones and expansive views, this accommodation is the perfect match for creativity, and connection.

Both single and shared rooms are available.

“It is women coming together, artists making music that is medicine. It is one of the most special experiences I’ve ever had in my life.”

Corinne - From Canada, based in USA, 34

“It’s a music retreat for people who want to have inspiration, to move forward in their music career or whatever goals they want to achieve. I feel now I have proper goals for the future. ”

Josie - From Sweden, based in Bali

Your teachers & facilitators

During the Elevate You Retreat you can completely let go, and be lead.

Not only have we gathered incredible, versatile, talented teachers for ​each session, we also have a hospitality facilitator that will support you. ​Any questions, enquires, worries that may occur either before, during or ​after the retreat is available to you.

You will be taken care of, so you can fully relax and immerse yourself in ​the experience, to get the most of out the retreat, and witness your ​own and others’ transformation.

Who this is for

✔ Artists looking for a deep dive into their personal development.

✔ Artists looking for expression through their music.

✔ Artists who want to break free from limiting beliefs.

✔ Artists who are open to new ways to grow their craft.

✔ Artists who want to explore wellness & spiritual practices as a part of their creative journey.

Who this is NOT for

✘ Artists who aren’t open to collaboration and new ideas.

✘ Anyone who isn't open to personal growth.

✘ Anyone who isn't interested in new experiences and cultures.

✘ Anyone who is not open to new processes.

✘ Anyone who isn't willing to dive deeper into their growth journey,

and get out of their comfort zone.

“It would be great for anyone who has any doubt in their artist journey, or feel a little bit stuck. The biggest highligt for me has been to be in the space of being able to be myself and open up. ”

Zoe - From the UK, 39

“This is a deep dive into yourself, but you are also meeting other likeminded women. We were able to connect, share, shed and rebirth, all while having the opportunity to be creative, write and record music.”

Kate - From USA, 43

“I already feel the shifts from when I started vs now. I literally went from not wanting to be seen, to be more confident in being seen and sing with others, which is something I wasn't able to before. ”

Lianne - From Canada, 28


Retreat Dates: 2-9th of February 2025

7 nights staying in an exclusive studio location in Bali 🌟

Early Bird Prices

Single rooms USD



2 spots available

Shared rooms 2 people USD

Shared rooms 3 people USD



4 spots available



3 spots available

Prices are in USD.

Payment plans available.

Save your spot with a $300 deposit

An investment in your music creation,

and your self development that will serve you for years to come.

Got questions?

Book a free call here.

Please note:

Check Bali travel regulations prior to booking this retreat.

A visa (Visa On Arrival) is required to enter Bali, but can be purchased on arrival for $25.


Is this retreat open to all genders?

This retreat is for female identifying people only.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, please get in touch to find out the options.

Can I share a room with a friend?

Yes! Please note each guest must fill out a seperate application form and mention the friend in the form so we know you're booking a room together.

Is there yoga/exercise on this retreat?

Yes, however please note this is not a ‘yoga retreat’ or an exercise retreat.

Are flights included?

You are responsible for making your way to the retreat destination. Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport is the airport to arrive to. We can recommend drivers to pick you up from the airport.

What equipment do I need to bring?

We have all necessary recording equipment on location, however if you wish to bring your own kit to record outside of studio time, you are welcome to bring that. This is by no means mandatory.

Do I need travel insurance for this retreat?

Yes valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend.

Is there free time on the retreat?

Yes, there will be allocated free time during this retreat, to reflect, explore, create, however the sightseeing of Bali is an organised day trip. If you'd like to discover more of what Bali has to offer, you can do so before or after the retreat.

Do I need a Vaccine to attend the retreat?

This retreat follows the guidelines of travel into Bali. As of right now no proof of vaccination is needed. Please check independently to ensure you are covered.

Is drinking/alcohol allowed?

As this is a healing and personal growth retreat we do not allow alcohol consumption during the retreat.

Get in touch on unicorn@beatsbyluni.com, if you have any other questions! We are here to help you make an informed decision.

See you in paradise for an

unforgettable week!

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Music Makers Retreat

Elevate You!



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